Reusable Name Badges

Name badges make day-to-day business life that little bit more personal, because they allow people to address one another by name, making communication more open. Be it in a shop, at a clinic, at a hotel reception, in a café or at corporate events, the atmosphere will always be much friendlier if people are able to address each other by name. Our extensive range of products means we can always offer the right name tag, whatever the occasion. We have a selection of models available, designed with different requirements and levels of importance in mind. For day-to-day dealings with customers, visually appealing acrylic name badges might be what you are looking for. For trade fairs, conferences and the like, high-quality metallic name badges are a better, more suitable alternative. When it comes to the individual design, you can really let your imagination run wild. With a selection of different materials and finishes available, we can make sophisticated name tags that are not only visually appealing and functional, but can also be made to match your own corporate design.


Stylish, high-quality medal reusable name badge for self-labelling

  • Metal name badge with crystal-clear, shatterproof cover
  • Logo can be printed on the metal backing
  • Film insert securely fastened between the aluminium holder and the cover
  • tried and tested formats, suitable for any application
  • Made in Germany


all colors aluline plus EN





Innovative reusable name badge with unique design

  • round or square logo element with front panel or epoxy doming
  • Aluminium front panel white, silver or gold
  • name cards for self-labeling, protected within the transparent panel section made of acrylic shatter proof glass
  • tried and tested formats, suitable for all applications

all colors amigo EN





Multi-purpose, all round badge in a timeless design

  • highly transparent panel fits neatly over the badge holder (locks in place)
  • holder available in anthracite and white
  • all-round solution for everyday use
  • name cards can be changed with speed
  • wide range of fastening option thanks to the versatile multiclip fastening

all colors vista EN





The ideal reusable name badge for use in superior service environments

  • balanced design with tried and tested rounded edges for safety in specific environments such as medical practices
  • front in silver or gold
  • custom digital prints possible e.g customer logo
  • removable name tag for self labeling
  • highly transparent panel made of scratch-resistant acrylic glass

all colors office combi EN





Visually appealing name badge in a modern design

  • Slightly convex design comfortable to wear 
  • Aluminium, clear or split front panel, many different colours, even custom
  • Tried and tested format, suitable for any reusable name badge application
  • Made in Germany

all colors polar combi EN


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