Challenge Coins

Recognising achievements with Challenge Coins goes right back to WWI.  After the First World War army officers were recognised with military challenge coins for their great achievements. This method of award-giving has however been incorporated to other organizations due to its growing popularity.

Challenge coins have traditionally been specific to military organisations but with the ability to do an amazing designed and boxed coin for low budget and a high perceived cost this is definitely a great alternate option. This makes most staff to prefer challenge coins instead of being given badges and trophies. Therefore if you want your next award-giving ceremonies to look elegant and modern it is advisable that you incorporate challenge coins in your institution.

Challenge coins are high-detailed coins that serve as a token of accomplishment. They can have a more general design or a customized design based on the area of work.

Some industries that use custom challenge coins are the corporate workforce, police, fire department, and the military – AKA, army, navy, air force, marines, and coast guard.

But other businesses and industries can still take advantage of these coins as a source of encouragement, motivation, and gratitude.

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