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Why Choose Badges and Medals New Zealand!


  • Free sample packs shipped to you
    Let us send you some work we have done before so you can touch and feel the quality we can produce
  • Capability to hold stock to save long re-order cycles
    e.g. we manufacture 500 units, you get the great bulk pricing, take 250 today get invoiced for them and order next 250 when you need them. Try us.
  • Competitive pricing without effecting quality
    Ok so there are 2 types of businesses in our industry one that manufactures all their goods in-house and distributes and the other who imports from off shore locations and ships out. The 1st being great quality but not so cost effective, and the 2nd can be very cheap but quality can slip as there is no control. Whereas at Badges and Medals, one of NZ’s longest standing medal manufacturers, we combine a long well established legacy in medal manufacturing with great and reliable off-shore connections to bring you a cost effective quality product you will be proud to receive and present.
  • World class design capabilities
    Welcome to the world of design, unleash your creativity now, we love it. “your idea, our challenge”
  • Market leading industry and product knowledge
    We believe that knowledge is gained by sharing it so we are always learning and wanting to help and improve in every way. If you have a question or some advice please let us know.

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